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Patricia Sone travels the country teaching at many Needlepoint shops. See below to find Patricia at a shop near you!

As an embellishment artist, Patricia Sone is available to teach a variety of 1-day to 4-day classes for your next class or retreat. 

An avid needlepoint artist, Patricia Sone has built a catalogue of almost 300 stitch guides available to you.  Review her existing guides below!


Stitch Guides

Stitch Guides


A Collection of Designs

1198A elf
CT-1199A Jolly
1201  Joy
2857 snowman with packages

Abigail Cecile/Fleur de Paris
AC-113 Rooftops of London

Alice Peterson
2525 Hot Air Balloons, 13 mesh
2654 Peacock stocking, 13 mesh

2798 Michelle's Living Room

2978B Designer Handbags, 18m

Barbara Russell/Needlepaint
BR503 Goldfinch on Flower

Colors of Praise
AN158 Monkey on Camel
COP PE184 - Three women

CA48 Bird

CA52 Valentine

CA53 Dove with Rose

CA55 Heart with Crown

CA81 Paris

CA82 With Love

Curtis Boehringer/Fleur de Paris
*CB-118 Partridge in a Pear Tree Santa
*CB Girls Rule

#GL-46 Gondolier 

Haunted Hooter  ED-17104

The Drawn Thread
 A Marriage of Minds

Ewe Eye & Friends/Maggie Co.
*Mighty Big Pumpkins  EWE-361
EWE-260 Karen Cruden/ Farms
EWE502 Fruit Basket/Karen Cruden

Holly Hill Designs
015 Serenity sampler

JP Designs
DDB008 Cockadoodledoo, 13 mesh
DDB009 Cockadoodledoo, 13 mesh
JPB58 butterfly and bamboo , 13 mesh
A5 wild animal patterns, 13 mesh

Jennifer Tan Paints/The Needlepointer
Bike with the beach

Julia's Needlework
Lisa Etre LE-01 Waterfront I 

Kathy Schenkel
SA115 Welcome to our Haunt

Kirk & Bradley
*KB1160 Fruit Tree House
*KB1159 Tudor House
*KB1158 Thatched Roof House

Labors of Love
LL421L bell
LL310E Koi
LL422-A Joseph and Donkey
LL422-B Mary and Lamb
LL422-C Baby
LL426 Flo Floats

LL619 Woman

Lee Designs /distributed by Colonial Needle
BF-37 sandals, 18 mesh 


Love You More

6A-13 Mexican Flower Pot

M-583  Snowman
*M1600 Deer with Red Scarf
*M1601 Deer with Holiday Berries
M1489 Hootie by Jennifer Brinley/Ruth Levison
M1698 Cactus with Hummingbird

M1863 Leslie Barron woman w/cityscape
M1948 Giraffe

M-1977 Girl with Bike

M-2027 Landscape


(distributed by Julia's Needlework)
MC2247 Peony Floral
MC2119 Noah's Ark


Mary Engelbreit

(distributed by Painted Pony Designs)
*MEFL01 Flower Pot
*MEWT01 little witch
*ME EA01 chick

Melissa Prince Designs

Birds of America series: 

*B321 Belted Kingfisher

*B322 Goldfinch

*B323 Blue Jay

*B324 Chickadee

*B325 Painted Bunting

*B326 Cardinal

*B327 Woodpecker

*B328 Mockingbird

Birds of North America series:

*B354 Tufted Flycatcher

*B355 Zenaida Dove

*B356 Eurasian Bullfinch

*B357 Flame Colored Tanager

*B358 Blue Bunting

*B359 Blue Rock Thrush

*B360 Hoopoe

*B361 Chaffinch

Homes of America series:

*A176 Plantation

*A177 Craftsman

*A178 Victorian

*A179 Tudor

*A180 Brownstone

*A181 Houseboat

*A182 Mountain Cabin

A-187 Hand of God
*B339 White Bunny
*B341 Sunflower Bunny
*B342 Vegetable Bunny
*B344 Bunny in Greens
*Williamsburg Wreath

B377 Quail in Desert wreath
*H240 Abstract Reindeer
H243 Holiday Bears

H255  Peacocks

The following guides are available

to the trade only. If you are a retailer and would like to order a stitch guide for your shop, fill out the contact form below.

An * asterisk next to a canvas number means that Patricia Sone has stitched (and possibly taught) that piece.  All other designs listed are ones for which Patricia Sone created a guide at a customer's request or for an Embellishment Class, but may not have been stitched by the artist, herself.

Melissa Shirley Designs
932 White Angel Star
1189-O Lotta Crabtree 
1479-I Wildwood Santa Banner, 13 mesh
*1507  Classic Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
1604-A love heart, 18 mesh
1648A Birds on a Branch, 13 mesh
*1668 Stitching Witches
*1728 Pink Santa, front side only
1736A Summer Floral, 13 mesh
1768 Woodland Christmas basket, 13 mesh 
1773 Wildwood Santa stocking, 13 mesh
*1784B Yellow Bird House, 13 mesh
1789 Fish House, 13 mesh
*1801 Winter White Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
*1832-A Tree ornament
*1832-B Heart ornament
*1832-D Holly ornament
*1832-E snowman ornament
*1832-F Wreath ornament
*1832-H snowflake ornament
*1841 Citrons

1844 Asparagus
1845 Figs on a Plate
1854B Orange Cactus
*1880 Pumpkin Parade
1887 BOO, 18 mesh
1891 pomegranate 
*1898 Red bird Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
*1916 White House Cove
*1920 Apples
*1939 Oh Say Can You See

1939-B Uncle Sam
*1962 Wintergreen Santa (2 sided) 
*1978 Wintergreen House
*1992-B Halloween Glitter House
2010 Cornucopia

2049-B Lamb Basket

*2064 Pumpkin Topiary, 13m

DM146 Nutcracker with Birdhouses
EW119 Daisy Pot
EW122 Fish Pot and Peonies
EML100B Summer Birds, 13 mesh

J106 Chat Blanc, 13 mesh
J219 Big Heart, 13 mesh

J237 Angel, 13mesh
*CH223 Touching Earth
*MLT201 Bee Bunny
*MLT170 Gardening Bunny
MLT-213 July 4th Picnic Baskets
MLT-330A white skull 
*MLT333 Woodsy Santa

MLT-346 Garden Bunny
MLT-383 Pumpkins
VS101 Prickly Pear Owl
VS133A Luella
*VS134 Cardinal Dome
VS150 Alpaca with a Pearl Earring
*VS152 Snowy Nadia
VS180, 13 mesh Who Ate the Party Favors
VS203 Summer Party, 18 mesh

Meredith Collection
CH-A079 Squirrel by Charley Harper
CH-DO42 Devotion to the Ocean 

CH-L053 Love on a Limb

Mile High Princess
MHP 2550 BOO

#44 Watercolor Wave

Nathalie Storey
Peony, 18 mesh

Quail Run Designs
March Balloons
Nothing But Blue Skies
*Summer Lemonade

Painted Pony
PT024-WH Merry Texmas
DP-FL02 Fruit and Flowers Bowl by Diane Ulmer Pedersen
DP-CS01 Early Morning Townhouses by Diane Ulmer Pedersen

DP-LS05 Dog and FLock by Diane Ulmer Pedersen

DP-LS11 White Barn by Diane Ulmer Pedersen
LAST01 Sugar and Spice Santa by Lynne Andrews

Pepperberry Designs
CCH05 Candy Cane Heart
SAN-01 No Peeking

Peter Ashe
Sante Fe Golden Autumn

The Point of it all Designs

Purple Palm Designs
*869 Needlemania

Raymond Crawford
HO283 Winter Love Birds
HO842 Snowman, 18 mesh
HO1123 snow couple, 18 mesh
*HO1192 Coca Cola Santa, 18 mesh
HO1241 Holy Family
*HO1259 Santa's Sleigh
HO1308 Peter Cottontail
*HO-1333 Mrs. Claus, 18 mesh

Renaissance Designs
TT127 Frankenstein
N-180 Santa

N-200 Fox

Rebecca Wood Designs
445-B Not a Creature Was Stirring
*028A Patriotic House
504A Holy Family ornament
*D40-A Texas Barn

Sandra Gilmore

(distributed by Fleur de Paris)
*Bun Bun
Head Games
Hello Snowman
Hickory Scarecrow

Tis The Season
*You've Got a Friend

Share One's Ideas
H-116 It's all about the Shoes

Shelley Tribbey
H226 witch 

Strictly Christmas
COCS-13 Mardi Gras Santa, 13 mesh
CSC93 Santa with Wreath
CS276 Santa with List stocking
SS-23 santa
*CHP24- 3 ornaments with bow and holly
CHP-06, 13 mesh, 5 santas
CS-222, 13 mesh stocking, santa with train

Susan Roberts Designs
5415 flamingo mini sock
TTASP291 Red Rooster
TTASP290 Speckled Rooster
LGDAXS472 Nativity Stocking

    (Tapestry Tent - Liz)
TTAP410 Dragon


Tapestry Fair

DB-15 goldfish

Trubey Designs

(distributed by Fleur de Paris)
PT002 Banana Palm
PT004 Travellers Palm

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

A. Lawford 26006 United We Stand, 18 mesh

A. Lawford 7051 arctic santa, 15" tall, 18 mesh

408 - 4 eggs
294 - Wise Old Owl

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